Empty Bottles DIY | Creative Decoration Ideas

Anyone can buy their gifts and decor at the store, but when you spend the time and effort to make them on your own by enhancing creativity. You can work with family and friends to spend time together by creating a beautiful DIY. Here are some of the beautiful DIY crafts to make by hand creating something special that fits your own style on the free time or holidays so turn on music and embrace your creativity.

Frame your photos 

Photo frame idea will be the best gift for the people with whom you are close with. It can be wedding, friendship, family and couple gifts.

Hanging pendant lights

A pendant light is hanging from the ceiling usually suspended by a cord or metal rod. Pendant light are often used in multiple purposes.  You can hang them above a bouquet of flowers for a simply stunning way to light a table and brighten up any room and save space.

Wine bottle accent lights

You can make a wine bottle accent lights using empty wine bottles, it is a creative, customization and eco-friendly way to spread a gentle glow to any room.

Wine bottle candles

Then wine bottle candles will be the best option for decorating a romantic set up, birthday celebration or any other kind of special occasions.

Make a mini garden

If you have got a lot of empty wine bottles in your home then these DIY wine bottle mini garden idea would be the best idea for you garden. The ideas of mini wine bottle garden are listed below.

Growing succulents in wine bottle
Water fountain
Tree from empty wine bottle
Wine bottle upside down planter

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