8 Intresting Facts Facebook

#1 Steve Chen works at Facebook for a few days before quitting to do  his own startup . It was called Youtube .

#2 In 2006 , a boy Chris Putnam hacked into Facebook and made thousands of profiles looks like MySpace profiles . Facebook employs him .

#3 Facebook has approx 253million daily active user in Asia. That’s pretty good considering Facebook is banned in Asia .

#4 The Country Canada and USA combined has apporx 157millions daily active users .

#5 The Simpsons TV shows has most Facebook Fans followed by Mr.Bean and Spongbob .

#6 Approximately 7.5 millions sites contains the Facebook Likes and Share Buttons

#7 There are  roughly 70 different languages available for users on Facebook .

#8 Ever since when Facebook is launched , there have been 150 billions friends connections , 113 trillions likes and 250 billions photos uploaded

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