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Many people have been supporting Manchester United Football Club since its establishment. I came to know about this club when I was very young. I didn’t understand the game much. My father, brothers and friends used to watch it all the time.  But with passing time, their passion for the game and the club kept growing. And I also came to know about this club through them. Many of my friends are die-hard fan of Manchester United Club. For all these years, many players played for this beautiful club. Some came as a hero went as a flop whereas some established themselves as the legend of the club. Wayne Rooney was one of the players who gave it all to the club. He was there when I first supported the club. With years passing by, many big names came to the club and left the club, but Wayne Rooney stayed. Now, after 13 long years, Wazza has decided to move on and join his childhood club. Every Man Utd fan should acknowledge the contribution he has made during his time at the club.

The captain of the club was transferred to another Premier League team. Many players came and went but he remained through every thick and thin. He sacrificed himself too much for the sake of club and for others player. He was a complete team player, a player every team wanted. He started as a striker. But whenever the team needed him, he was flexible to drop in the midfield or wide to the wings.

During his time at Manchester United, Wayne Rooney has achieved every single team honour that is available to be achieved. He won Premier League 5 times, FA Cup once, UEFA Champions League once, UEFA Europa League once, FIFA Club World Cup once, League Cup and FA Community Shield 4 times each. He is the club’s top goal scorer in all competition with 253 goals in 559 games. He is also the club’s second best all time assist provider only behind Ryan Giggs.
Recent announcement of Wayne Rooney’s transfer has made many Man Utd fans heartbroken. But we wish nothing but best for our former captain. With all the contributions Wayne Rooney has made to the club, we can only say “He came, he conquered,he left”.

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