Amazing, Beautiful And Rare Flowers To Discover

The creation of nature has always amazed us. Among those creations, the most beautiful gift we ever had is the flowers. The beauty of flowers has never given up; there are more than 270000 types of flowers in the world. Here are some of the rerast flowers that we can find in different corner of the world.

1. Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers

Cypripedium species are native across much of North America as well as parts of Europe. This adorable little plant has only two leaves, which branch out from the center where its single flower stalk also grows. The unique flower looks just like a lady’s slipper, closed tightly except for a small opening in the front. Blooms range in color from white and yellow to deep pink and nearly purple shades.

Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers

2. Middlemist red

The Middlemist’s Red camellia has been flowering for more than two centuries within a couple of miles of its first home outside China. There are believed to be only two left in the world. Public will have to wait until next spring to see Middlemist’s Red in bloom, it is not red but a deep pink.


3. Youtan Poluo

Udumbara, or Youtan Poluo, a special species, was found to grow in an aroid palm leaf at Viet Linh. There are various myths and stories about this tiny, parasitic flower. It is hardly found and is seen as a symbol of deathlessness in Buddhism.

Youtan Poluo

4.Chocolate Cosmos – Mexico

Chocolate cosmos is an herbaceous perennial hailing from Mexico, a chocolate scented flower! Dark red-brown, sometimes almost black. Its lobed leaves and dark maroon flowers with velvety petals emerge from tubers that resemble fingerling potatoes. Attractive to butterflies, the blooms appear from June through September.

Chocolate Cosmos – Mexico

5.Corpse Flower – Indonesia

This rare flower is found in the rainforests of Indonesia. It can grow to be 3 feet across and weigh up to 15 pounds! It is a parasitic plant, with no visible leaves, roots, or stem. It attaches itself to a host plant to obtain water and nutrients. When in bloom, the Rafflesia emits a repulsive odor, similar to that of rotting meat. This odor attracts insects that pollinate the plant.

Corpse Flower – Indonesia

6.Kokia Cookei – Hawaiian Islands

Kokia cookei, also known by its common Hawaiian name as Koki‘o, is a small deciduous (sheds seasonally or by stages) tree. The only wild individual of this century was about 10 feet in height.This tree is known only from the island of Moloka‘i and has been described as the rarest plant in the world. When it was discovered in the 1860s, only three trees of the species were found. By the 20th century, only a single wild tree of K. cookei  could be found. The species was wiped out from the wild in 1918.

Kokia Cookei – Hawaiian Islands

7.Gibraltar Campion – Gibraltar

The Gibraltar campion, is a very rare flowering plant of the genus Silene and the family Caryophyllaceae. It is a woody-based perennial about 40cm high, with bilobed flowers ranging from pink to pale violet and is endemic to Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Campion – Gibraltar

8. Parrot’s Beak – Canary Islands

Lotus berthelotii (Parrot’s Beak, Coral Gem, Pelican’s Beak) is a perennial plant endemic to the Canary Islands. This plant is either extinct in the wild or persists as a few individuals.

Parrot’s Beak – Canary Islands

9. Kadupul flower

Another beautiful rare flower comes from Sri Lanka,which is white-yellow colored and grows to about 10 to 30 cm in diameter with emanating pleasant fragrance. Kadupul flower plant is a Species of cactus family and its scientific name is Epiphyllum oxypetalum. Although It is a terrestrial plants, it may be grow with clinging on trees as a epiphytic but absolutely not a parasite Plants.

Kadupul flower

 10. Jade Vine – Philippines

The jade vine is a native of the tropical forests of the Philippines. Its flowers are the color of jade, and hang in bunches up to 90 cm long; each clawlike flower is about 7½ cm long. In its native Philippines, the jade vine’s flowers are pollinated by bats.

Jade Vine – Philippines



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