Annabelle Comes Home: Horror Redefined 2019

“Annabelle Comes Home” is a supernatural horror movie which is a follow up of “Annabelle” and “Annabelle: Creation”. “Annabelle” was released in 2014 which was a spin-off of horror movie “The conjuring” earning $257 million worldwide and “Annabelle: Creation” was released in 2017 earning $306.5 million worldwide.

Now, we get “Annabelle Comes Home” which is highly anticipated to be the most successful horror movie by its fans. It is estimated that it will earn $30-35 million over its five days from United States and Canada alone. It is the third part in the series and seventh installment in the Conjuring Universe franchise. It is written and directed by Gary Dauberman and co-written with James Wan. Vera Farminga and Patrick Wilson will be seen again playing Ed and Lorranine Warren.

The story picks up where Ed and Lorranie Warren keep a possessed doll locked up in a room isolated in “safe” place protected by a sacred glass and blessing of a priest. But one day while Ed and Lorranie Warren are not home, and their daughter, her friend and their young baby sitter are left in the home when one of them unknowingly awakens the evil spirits in the room starting sequence of horrifying events.

The first trailer of the movie was released on March 30,2019 whereas the second trailer was released on May 28, 2019. Trailers have made fans eager to watch the movie and are promoting it on their social media as well. In the trailer, we can see that the doll would act like a beacon that calls other spirits. It also focuses on new supernatural beings who seem to terrorize anyone associated with Ed and Lorraine Warren. The trailer also reveals that Warren’s daughter seems to have inherited her mother’s power to see supernatural beings. It has raised curiosity among fans about the flow of storyline in this series.  

Annabelle Comes Home was scheduled to release on June 26, 2019, by Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema. Some of the reactions of people after watching the movie are:

Aaron Neuwirth, “Annabelle Comes Home is sufficiently entertaining when it comes to this ongoing horror series.”

Rob Dean, “Annabelle Comes Home is the best Conjuring spinoff movie, which is damning with faint praise.”

Kerry Lengel, “The movie is just a succession of scary stuff happening, hunted-ride-style, until someone manages to lock Annabelle up again.”

Mark Dujsik, “Which of these new creatures or cursed items will… become the central gimmick of yet another installment? … Stay tuned.”

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