Beat The Heat Inside Your Home

The summer has freaked out every body; the high temperature has blown out our mind. Well this is the starting of the longest days and we are waiting for autumn to poke us… it is difficult to stay indoors as well; the warm room hold much temperature then outside the room. But there is a way out to make your room cool without using any air conditioner. Head it to some ideas to prevent these hot days temperature.

  1. Keep the curtains drawn during the day.

Use of dark-coloured curtains helps to keep the heat out; when the sunlight comes directly through the windows. By putting down the curtains in the morning before the temperatures soar, and opening them in the evening, your home will be flushed with cooler air. Through dark coloured curtains the room will have normal temperature.

  1. Reflect the heat.

Invest in reflective window frame that will help keep the heat outside where it belongs. It protects the heat coming inside the room.

  1. Create a DIY air conditioner

Its an old technique; positioning a shallow tub or bowl filled with ice in front of a portable fan allows the temperature to cool down. The breeze picks up cold water from the surface of the ice as it melts, and creates a cooling mist.

  1. Sleep alone and hog the bed.

Sleeping alone will help to stretch out, sleeping in the spread eagle position; arms and legs spread out without touching each other helps lower body heat as it allows air to circulate around the body. Sleeping in this position prevent from getting excessive sweat in our body.

  1. Unplug electronics when not use.

Electronic appliance is medium of heat, gadgets and other appliances emit heat. You can reduce heat in the house and save electricity by disconnecting appliances that are not in use.

  1. Use heat-resistant window shades.

By hanging tightly woven screens or bamboo shades outside the window, you can block out 60 to 80 percent of the sun’s heat.

  1. Dress for the summer.

Summer clothes should be chosen very carefully, We should avoid the dark coloured clothes for instant black, brown, grey. Wear loose-fitting, light-coloured cotton clothing that will go a long way toward keeping you cool. Organic cotton shorts and tank tops are some of the summer clothes.

  1. Hang a wet sheet.

You can cool down an entire room by hanging a soaked sheet in front of an open window. The breeze that blows in will soon bring down the room’s temperature.

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