Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

  • Coat your lashes in a baby powder to instantly volumize and fuller looking lashes.

  • Get a cut crease with a spoon. Cut Crease look has been a latest trends in a beauty world but it is not hard easy to achieve that perfectly cut crease. Place the spoon on your lid and simply run the shadow over the curve of the spoon. Then you’ll have a perfectly rounded crease, a great look for any parties.

  • Contouring your nose with a fork. Contouring is not an easy task. It takes a lot of practise to get that perfectly snatched nose. But, using a fork can help ensure sharpness! Just place the fork on your nose and place your bronzer between the outer two prongs of the fork. Then highlight down the middle one, and you get a perfectly snatched nose.

  • Brush your way to smoother lips. To achieve that perfect lipstick look it is important to have a smooth lips. Otherwise the lipstick will look dry and patchy. Simply apply a lip balm to your lips and then brush away the dead skin. Not only will this make your lips smooth and ready for lipstick, but it will also stimulate blood flow and cause a plumping effect.
  • Setting your lipstick with a powder for long lasting lipstick.  Just place a tissue over your lips, dust some powder on, and then remove the tissue. You’re good to go.
  • Remove a makeup with a coconut oil. Coconut oil is natural and therefore is already better for your skin than any chemical-filled, artificial removers. Because it’s an oil, and it removes makeup easily and gently.
  • Filter out the oil by using a coffee filters instead of oil blotting sheets. Save your money and buy some coffee filters. These filters can blot just as well as oil sheets.

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