10 Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is a physical,mental and spiritual practise or discipline.Doing Yoga has many benefits.Yoga helps us to prevent from many diseases and can help to recover from it.It not only keeps us active but also sustain our life period.

Some of the benefits of Yoga are:

  1. Improves Flexibiity
  2. Increases blood flow
  3. Drains lymphs and boost immunity
  4. Perfects Posture
  5. Builds muscle strengthy
  6. Perfects Posture
  7. Better bone health
  8. Ups heart rate
  9. Drops blood pressure
  10. Makes happy
  11. Helps focus
  12. Lower Blood System
  13. Maintain nervous system
  14. Gives peace of mind
  15. Encourages self care



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