Best bollywood movies for children and kids

Children love to watch television and when it comes to movies based on kids and children, they even forget to do homework. Parents should take care of entertainment of their children as well. Taking them for movies is also of the best weekend plan for children. They feel happy and enjoy their weekend with you after all. Don’t let your children stick to television but once in a week let them watch movies which are based on story of their kind and let them be inspired and entertained.

Here are the list of the best movies for children and kids:

1 .Tare Zameen Par (Every child is special): The movies explain that every child is special and they need special care and love their parents and surrounding. It is not an easy task to make children the person you want and the way you want. They have their own talent and that should be taken care of.

tarezameen par

2 . Bum Bum Bole: This flim is based on the story of lower class family who are going through economic problems. It shows how a 12 year old boy takes care of his family and his sister. Many families are going through such times and it has impact on children lives and how children adapt to such life.


3 . Chillar Party: This movie is very interesting and entertaining. This movie is all about a street boy and his dog who comes to the society for car washing. There he met with society’s kids who first torture street boy to leave society but soon they become friends and help each other. The flim shows how street boy and his dog comes into problem and how the society kids help the street boy.


4 . Bhootnath : The story is about a child and ghost friendship. A family shift to a new house without knowledge of ghost living in the house. Soon the child make friendship to ghost and call him angel. The child also help angel to attain salvation.



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