Best Nepali Music Bands of All Time

1. 1974 AD:

1974 AD is a Nepali rock band formed in Nepal in the early 90s. They played various types of music including Nepali folk,ragas.rock,funks,and jazz as well. They are the most successful recording artists in Nepal. Most of their albums are ranked among the top-ten best selling albums. They organized a concert named “Rock Yatra” in 2000AD which was watched by more than 60,000 people.

2. Nepathya :

Nepathya is a popular Nepalese music band that was formed in 90s, they were the best for its blending of folk melodies into new, youth friendly pop and rock tune. The band has gained consistent popularity and recognition and is one of the most talented band in Nepal.It is the one of the oldest band of Nepal. The songs and the music create by this band are too good for any generation.

3. Mukti n Revival :

Mukti Shakya is most probably one of the most popular rock artists in Nepalese rock scene. After his own career, in 1997, he joined a band members of band Newaz and formed Mukti and Revival. This band has had made it big in Nepalese rock scene and are regarded as one of the most talented bands in Nepal by both people and professionals. Giving us hits like Kalanki ko Jam and Chaubandhi Cholo, they are surely one of the best bands in Nepal.

4. CobWeb :

This band was formed by five members in the year 1992 and have a taste of Rock band. Their songs are inspired by AC/DC and we can find Ac/DC flavor in their song. They are doing their jobs since early 90s and still rocking it. They released their 1st album in 1993 and named it as Anjaan. The songs in this album consists of heavy metals and hard rock.

5. Kutumba :

Kutumba is one of the most reputed instrumental folk Nepalese band.[1] It only uses Nepalese traditional musical instruments such as Bamboo Flute, Sarangi (Nepali), Madal, Tungna, Dhol and Jhyamta. The word ‘Kutumba’ holds a special meaning in the Nepali language. It stands for a unique bond amongst community members. As their name, Kutumba is all about bringing together traditional folk tunes and instruments with new and improvised sounds and ideas. Kutumba is a folk instrumental ensemble, group of six professionals from Kathmandu. Having come together for the preservation of their culture and art, Kutumba wishes to spread love and joy of Nepali folk music throughout the world. Self motivated and self driven, Kutumba is a group with their own unique sound and vision.The seven members have different roots and backgrounds in music. Kutumba is the harmony of traditional roots, culture and new sounds. The band has recorded some sessions for Coke Studio Pakistan, Season 6

6. The Edge Band :

Formed in 1998 in Pokhara, The Edge came into the Nepali Rock scene with a self titled debut in 2000. The video of the single mero aasu from the debut album, witnessed a country wide popularity surge within a week of its official release. In just a few years, the band found itself in a deep crossroads. With other priorities vying against the commitment to continue making music it became obvious that the original lineup would falter. The disbanding became the inevitable reality.

7. Kandara :

The initial line-up of Kandara in the early 90s had keyboardist Buddha Raj Bajracharya, guitarists Sunil Bhattachan and Bijaya Gurung, and vocalist Ananda Tajhya with Deepak Raj Mulmi as manager. After the massive success of their album Chanchale Kanchi, Kandara merged with a young group called Peace Hankey. Kandara’s musical influences range from ballads, rock ‘n roll, and jazz to contemporary Hindi film soundtracks.

8. The Axe :

In 1992 this Band started started as a garage Band and was officially established in1993 and gave their first album “Dhunwa”.In 1995, they released their second album named”Farkera Herda”.The same year one of band member left abroad for his studies.Now having only three members in band make them difficult but the two songs from that album”chiya barima”and “Pallo dada ma” went smash hit.The leftover members decided to form the 3 man’s band.

9. Albatross :

Albatross is one of the most popular bands among Nepali youth today. Starting off as a heavy metal band with songs like Koshish and Attitude overdose, Albatross, gained popularity before their official album was released. Huge in Nepali underground scene, a lot of their single were brought out unofficially but were a big hit. Mostly playing simple rock songs right now their songs Aawaj, Farki farki, Khaseka tara, Sacred is hummed by everyone around the street. They’ve released their first official album and in my view it was the 2nd best album out there in the market after Jindabaad’s album. So, Albatross makes it to number 6 greatest rock band of Nepal.

10. Sur Sudha :

Sur Sudha is known as Nepal’s MUSICAL AMBASSADORS’ who is also awarded as Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal Tourism Year 2011 and are devoted to making music to disseminate a universal message of peace and harmony supporting the effort alleviate poverty from the face of the earth. Through its music, Sur Sudha bring to the world the message of peace propounded by its son of the soil, Lord Buddha and demonstrate how two of the world’s great religions-Hindu and Buddhism-find perfect fusion in Nepal.

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