How to build your concentration power | Develop Creativity and Concentration

Concentration is the act of focusing with relaxation. Only focus cannot be considered as concentration. Our mind need to be relaxed as well. During exam period we are in deep focus towards our study though we fail to secure good marks.  It is because our mind is not relaxed so it does not work the way we want. This is why we forget things in exam hall and remember when exam is over. Our mind is both focused and relaxed outside the examination hall.

We can follow some tips to build our concentration power as:

  • Build interest to build concentration: There is no need of concentration if the thing match with our interest like we don’t need to build concentration while watching television. But if we want to study the subject that is not the favorite one then we really need to concentrate. For this start liking the subject or thing you don’t like, build interest in that. It will actually helps you to build your concentration power.

    Building interest is a key to build concentration.

  • Learn yoga and meditation: Yoga and meditation helps to build concentration power and retain memory as well. Try to do meditation for at least 20-30 minutes everyday, this will help your mind to relax. Yoga on the other side helps our body and mind to remain healthy in long run.
  • Have a balanced diet: Eating right diet will lead to healthy body and healthy mind. Healthy body and mind will help to make concentration in study and other work.
  • Listen white music: White music is great solution for mind relaxation and focus as well. You can listen white music while doing work or study. It will help you from all the unnecessary sounds that come from your surrounding.
  • Make a plan: Plan before you actually do that thing. Plan will guide you to complete the work in right manner and right time, however you do not get what you actually want unless you stick to that plan or routine. Always start slowly. Don’t try to study all in one day. Start in slow manner and then gradually increase your study or work time.

You can easily build your concentration following above tips on a regular basis.

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