Cute Hairstyle Tutorial | Easy and Creative Hairstyle Ideas

It gets boring always putting your hair straight or curly. Sometimes it’s fun to style your hair and look cute. So here are some cute hairstyles.

  • If you are having a bad day or you are a office girl then this hairstyle is perfect for you. It is low roll up bun that gives you a elegant look.

    Tie your hair in a low ponytail leaving the one third of hair. Twist the ponytail and again tie the remaining part and do the same as shown in picture. Next thing you have to do is tuck the remaining part into the twisted area and secure it with a bobby pin.
  • This second hairstyle is good for those with a long hairs. Braids always looks good and cute for any outfits. Curl your hair and tie a one third of your hair and ¬†twist it. Then divide it into three sections and braid in a simple way. Now braids all three small braids into one. Loosen the braids and wallah there you go.
  • This third hairstyle is called Braided Crown.¬†It will takes you less than 5 minutes to create this hairstyle. Just braid the front part of your hairs on both side. Cross it up and secure it up with a bobby pin.

  • This hairstyle is perfect for parties, proms, events. Put the half hair into a bun and curl the rest and roughly tuck the hair in places to cover the bun and then you get this beautiful the top half hair.

  • Putting your hair in a bun always looks cute. Have you heard about the double dutch braid buns. Here’s’ a tutorial for you.
  • Cross my heart Braid

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