Different Video and CCTV Footage Collection Nepal Earthquake 2015 (2072)

Here is the list of different video that caught earthquake on CCTV and Camera.

Viewer Discretion is Advised

1. Live CCTV footage of kathmandu earthquake – Thapathali & Tripureshwor

2.Earthquake CCTV Footage Tripureshwor ,Kathmandu


3. Tourist video captures moment earthquake struck Nepal: Kathmandu’s Durbar Square


4. Nepal Earthquake: Destruction of Ancient Temples Caught on Camera in Bhaktapur


5. Nepal earthquake CCTV: Building collapse during destructive tremor

6. NepaliPranksters Caught Earthquake on Camera (Jawlakhel Patan)

7. Earthquake in Nepal 2015 ||| Live Caught in Camera ||| Pashupatinath Temple area

8. Upper Tama Kohsi Huge landslide caught on camera ( Nepal Earthquake) :

9. Morgan College Collapse Video : https://www.facebook.com/dipendra.bhandari.969/videos/816333365120059/

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