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YouTube has become the greatest trend mainly for the youths. Youtube not only entertains us but it has become a platform for many youths to showcase their talents. Plus youtube helps them earn money as well. There are many youtubers that has won the heart of millions of people and has become an inspirations to them. From a kid to a adult everybody has their favorite youtubers. Following are some of famous and some are mine favorites.

  1. PewDiePie:
    PewDiePie is one of the most famous youtuber in the world with the more than 55 million subscribers. He has more than a 10 billion views. He mainly reviews the video games and vlogs.
  2. Smosh:
    Smosh is another name that everyone knows. It was a youtube channel co-founded by  Ian Andrew Hecox  and Daniel Anthony Padilla. They have other channels as well such as smoshgames, Smosh 2nd Channel. Smosh has views of more than 6.3 billions. They mainly does the comedy videos.

  3. JennaMarbles :
    Jenna Nicole Mourey has a more than 17 million subscribers.  She mainly post comedy videos and vlogs and has total views of 2 + billions.
  4. ||SuperWoman||
    Out of all Lilly singh is my favorite youtuber with more than 11 million subscribers. She post a comedy videos that are relatable to a real life. She has recently came out with her own book “How To Be A Bawse”.She also has a total view of 2+ billions. She is a personality youtuber, a vlogger, actress, author and motivational speaker. She has become a inspiration to many of people.
  5. Nigahiga: 
    Another Favorite of mine is Ryan Higa.  With :

    Subscribers 19.7 million+ (nigahiga)
    4.8 million+ (HigaTV)
    Total views 3.3 billion+ (nigahiga)
    640 million+ (HigaTV)

    This channel was formed by : Ryan Higa, Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos & Tarynn Nago. They post a comedy videos.

  6. Zoella :
    Zoella (Zoe) is a british beauty guru with more than 11.7 million subscribers. She was the first british women to cross the 10 million subscribers on youtube. She is a fun person who mainly post fashions hauls, makeup related videos. She also has  a vlog channel named MoreZoella.

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