Feeling Sad? Click Here To Find Our Ways You Can Stay Happy Every Day

There are somedays where we feel sad because of some circumstances. Some circumstances we cannot change. But we can choose to work on it and take care of ourselves. Feeling good and happy is your right. Here are a few things that you can choose to do to feel better in your everyday life:

Get good sleep:

Taking proper rest and having a good night sleep has a lot of benefits. This simple habit can help you regain your energy and feel happy. Lack of proper sleep will lead to a decrease in alertness and logic and general health issues. If your body and mind don’t get enough rest, you may start to behave in a lazy or aggressive way which can affect your relationship with people around you ultimately affecting your happiness.

Do physical activities:   

Do any kind of physical activities you like that will keep your blood flowing. Eg: swimming, running, walking, cycling, dancing, etc. According to the report “Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology” published by Pennsylvania State, the more physically active people are, the greater their general feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Even half an hour of walking three times a week can help you improve your happiness. Other research also shows that thirty-minute brisk walks or jogs even improves recovery from clinical depression.

Help others:

Helping others and doing a random act of kindness can help you to improve your happiness. Adam Grant highlights in his book, that spending just 100 hours a year on helping others can significantly increase our happiness. In a study conducted by Sonja Lyubomirsky on Stanford students, group of students who were asked to do five-act of random kindness a week reported higher happiness levels as they felt good about themselves.

Keep a journal:

Keeping a journal helps you to know yourself better and understand your emotions. Write about the activities, thoughts, and feeling in the journals. Take time once a week to read through your journal and reflect, you will start to notice patterns in the things that make you feel happy. It helps to reduce stress, anxiety, increase your IQ and create mindfulness that will boost your self-confidence. This simple habit can have a lot of mental and emotional benefits.


Meditating for a few minutes at the beginning of your day can help have inner clarity and focus for the rest of the day. It will help you to detach from habitual though barriers. Many studies have also shown that meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Learn something new:

When you take new challenges and learn something new, we get a sense of fulfillment and become happy. It has been seen that focusing on making progress puts you in a state of flow which helps to foster happiness. It also helps you to build your self-confidence.

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