Five ways to be on time for everything

Do you generally find yourself being late often and find it difficult to be on time? Most of times, even if we start early, we tend to be late because of things that are out of our control such as having no fuel, forgetting your stuff and traffic jams. To avoid these things and making sure that you reach on time, here are some of the things that you can follow.

Accurately plan the time

A day before you have to leave for somewhere important, brainstorm the approximate time that you will need to get there. Don’t just consider the road distance but also all the variables that can make you late. You must consider the traffic jams if you are going out during the rush hour and also consider the time it will take you to walk to the building and how difficult it is to find a parking spot. These things might seem like small things but they are the things that end you making you late to your appointment most of the time.

Stop over-committing

Don’t overload your schedules with more things than you can complete in one day. Overscheduling will make you late to all your appointments as you won’t have enough time to reach all the scheduled places. If you have too many things to accomplish and too many places to be in a day, then it is inevitable that you will end up late to most of your appointments. So prioritize your appointments and

Prior preparation

Usually you need to carry documents, umbrella, keys and many other things when leaving your house. How many times have you found yourself running back inside the house just because you forgot to get something? This usually makes you late to your appointment. So, prepare all the things that you will need and keep it inside your bag or at least near the door so that you can grab everything you need when leaving the house.

Decide your outfit

Most mornings, you spend a lot of time deciding on your outfit. To minimize this time, you can select your outfit the night before. This way you can easily grab your outfit and get dressed in less time.

Fuel Up Your Vehicle On a Set Schedule.

Make sure that your bike or car has enough fuel at all times. Nothing makes you late as much as having to fuel up your vehicles on the mornings or any time when you have to go somewhere. So make sure that you have enough fuel in your vehicles and try to fuel up your vehicles when returning home or when you have time. You can also set a schedule for when you fuel your vehicles such as on Sunday every week if you can determine how much fuel you use in a week.

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