Friendship Beyond Species That Will Melt Your Heart

Friendship is a beautiful relation where everyone involved trust and supports one another in their own way. Friendship has no boundaries, no limitation, and no criteria. It is an emotional connection that unites and creates a strong bond. Here are some unique and beautiful friendship that see no species that will melt your heart:

Tiger Cubs And The Chimpanzee:

Anjana The Chimpanzee And Tiger Cubs

The two tiger cubs were separated from their mother when their sanctuary was flooded. Now they are at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Fare Species in South Caroline where they are taken care of by the keeper and also Anjana, the chimpanzee, who herself is only two years old.

Tinni The Dog And Sniffer The Wild Fox:


Tinni is a domestic dog whereas sniffer is a wild fox. When Tinni and his owner where on a walk together in the wood of Norway, they met sniffer. That’s when Tinni and Sniffer’s friendship began. Now like any friends, they hang out, play and have fun together.

Cat And Fox:


These friends were discovered by fishermen of Lake Van in Turkey. They saw these two: cat and fox; playing and just rooming together on the shore of the lake.

The BLT:

blt bear lion tiger noah's ark rescue (15)
Photograph by:  Noah’s Ark Sanctuary

The BLT is a trio of bear, lion, and tiger. They were found by a police officer during a drug raid in Atlanta and then brought to Noah’s Ark. The trio eats, sleep and play together. They are often seen head rubbing and licking one another. Their friendship has really bonded over the years and gotten stronger.

Sahara The Cheetah And Anatolian The Shepherd Dog


These two adorable friends grew together at the Cincinnati Zoo. They are a part of the Cat Ambassador Program where they work to teach farmers to train dogs in Namibia and South Africa. They are of the same age and have remained best friends for a long time.

Themba The Elephant and Albert The Sheep:

Image result for elephant and the sheep friendship

Themba was orphaned when he was just six months old which made him very depressed. The vets at the Center sent Albert, the sheep to try help Themba. Fortunately, Themba started to chase Albert and within a day the elephant and the sheep became best friends. This duo cuddles together, nap together and also has shared some traits with each other.

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