Good And Bad Things About Social Media | Advantages And Disadvantages of Social Media

Advantages And Disadvantages of Social Media

This modern world of today is somehow incomplete without social media. Social media is being used extensively by the world. We cannot be separated from social media. Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration and building connection. Today we are updated about every second through the use of social media. Facebook, twitter, google+, linkedIn, wikipedia, reddit, pinterest, etc.

Though social media is part of our life, many  has faced some serious problems as well. Like every coin has its two side, like every one day has both day and night, social media has also good as well as bad things. We are really benefited by social media but we cannot over see its negative effects in society.

Here are some positive and negative effects of social media:


  • Build connection in society: Social media is made for social connection. We can make new friends and be in touch with old friends and society members. It is a good medium for communication and building connection. We can share information through social media. We can build our connection with millions of people through social media. We have seen this kind of activities in our society and in our own life as well.
  • Eliminates communication barriers: We can communicate to millions of people at a time and share our views, interests and talent through social media. It breaks all those boundaries and reach in all the corner of the world. This is the reason we are known almost everything about he world today through social media because of its wide coverage. Its something amazing to have connected in social media and enjoying these benefits.
  • Effective tools for promotion: Considering the fact that world is using social media, business organisation are using now social media marketing strategies in order to reach wide range of customers and increase brand exposure. It has been now used for the promotional tool for the business as well as individual. Business organisations are also working with the new tactics and technology for meeting today’s customers demand. Social media actually helps them to reach the target customers in an cost-effective way. Individual can also organize some events and invite thousands of people through social media in a very short time. We can notice the ads that comes to our social media pages and similar other pages of organization that are promoting through social media.


  • Kills your important time: Social media has become an important part of Nepal. We spend most of our time in using social media daily. Students are found more busy in social media than in their study. Social media is like addiction to us. It is hard to live without social media nowadays. We don’t realize how our important time is passing away.
  • Makes dull and lazy: This is another negative effect of social media. We people just want to relax in their bed or couch and spend time with social media. We don’t feel to go anywhere around. This is becoming our habit and making us dull and lazy.
  • Focus on virtual relation: Social media actually plays very important role in developing relationship. But this relations many time does not last long. It is because we are connected through social media and not with real person. Their is just virtual relation developed and people have to believe in that.
  • Privacy is no more private: We make our personal profile, uploads pictures, shares views, etc in social media. This things can be seen by anyone whom you may don’t like. You can just block the person you don’t like but a single person can have multiple accounts in social media and this is the reason why privacy is no more private after connecting in social media. A person can know your likes and dislikes, daily updates and many more which you may want to keep private with some people.

Social media is a good medium for social connection, maintaining relations, updating things and sharing many things easily and globally. The above contents just show some drawbacks but it does not prove that social media is bad for people and society. We are connected with social media and we should use it in a good manner.

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