How To Ask Good Questions? 5 Steps To Follow

Asking good questions is crucial for us to gain accurate information and learn new things. So much of our success in life depends on asking the right questions. Questions are usually asked to obtain information, rectify doubts, assess the respondent’s knowledge and many other purposes which will enhance our learning. So it important for to ask good questions. It is easy to prepare and ask good questions by following these steps.


You need to be clear about what information you need from the other person. Then you can ask the question based on what information you need. You can prepare a close ended question of you need a YES or NO and an open ended question if you need a more detailed information.


Next you need to define the need of the information. You need to know whether you have to gather facts or opinions of the respondents. Once you are clear about the purpose, you can phrase your questions accordingly.


Then you have to define the intent behind asking the question. This refers to defining how you want your respondents to respond. You also need to understand why you are asking the question, is it because of frustration or because of curiosity.


After understanding the reason and intent behind the questioning, you need to frame the questions effectively. You should only use simple and understandable terms that are easily understandable. Don’t use long sentences and try to ask short precise questions.


After drafting the initial questions, you have to determine if the questions are enough to obtain the information you need or do you have to ask follow up question to get the exact answer. You need to prepare the follow up questions in case you don’t get the answer you need from the initial questions.

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