Influence Of Paint Colors On Your Mood And Behavior

Paints are a powerful tool that not only affects how space looks but also affects how we feel. If you are thinking about decorating, redecorating or making a small change in your house make sure to choose the colors wisely. The colors used in our home can make a huge impact on our mood. Different shades of our walls will have a different influence on our emotions. Colors can also trigger our memories, so we can choose those colors that will bring happy memories.

Affect of colors may differ depending on age, gender, ethnic background and climate. There is no universal set of rules for picking paint colors, but there are some color effects that have universal meaning. Some colors that will lift your moods are:

Yellow: It is a bright color which is described by cheerful and warm. It is also one of the most attention-getting colors. Yellow can help you feel energetic and make you happy. Some people also associate yellow with laughter, hope, and a ray of sun that awakens all five senses. However, as it reflects more light, it can be irritating for people’s eyes.

Sky Blue: It is considered one of the calmest colors and inspires selfless love and loyalty. It helps to represent non-threatening and helpful nature that can overcome all obstacles. It is also considered as a universal healer. It has soothing and restorative qualities that help you to get proper rest.

Green: Green is symbolized as a color of health, wealth and new beginning. It is considered to be easy on the eyes and used to for relaxation. It has a calming effect and is believed to release stress. Having green colors in the kitchen, family room or living room can promote comfort and togetherness. This color is great for companies if they want to show growth, security or inspire possibilities. Not only this, but researchers have also found that green can help improve reading abilities.

Purple: IT is associated with creativity, royalty and wealth. It is associated with luxurious and creativity. A light purple can be used to show romance and mystery. Light purple can also help to bring restful quality as blue.

Red: It is an intense color which pumps our adrenaline. Red will help to draw people together and stimulate conversations. It is warm and dynamic. It is often associated with love and passion. But it can also raise blood pressure and speed heart rate. Using red in moderate amount is wise as it can be overwhelming.

Neutrals (Black, gray, white and brown): Neutral colors may fall in and benefits lie in their flexibility. They can be used to add or subtract to boost or calm things down. They can also become a great background color. Violet black can help to create a place of focus and reflection even though it may appear dark and moody.

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