Interesting Facts About The Human Body You Didn’t Know

We tend to think that we know a lot of things about our body. But the human body is very complex and mysterious. Let’s learn about a few interesting facts about our body that you may not know:

Hair can taste:

Our Nasal passages and lungs are lined up with fine hairs which taste things that are passing through them to detect and sweep out impurities. According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, when hair taste something bitter, they tend to increase their movement to sweep out the bad stuff.

The human body glows:

Research has shown that the human body can emit visible lights which raise and falls throughout the day. But as it is a thousand times less intense than the levels our eyes are able to spot, so it is not practically visible.

Pinkie finger has half the strength in your hand:

We may not think that this little pinkie has much strength but it is important for our hand strength as it helps the thumb to pinch and gives more power to our ring, middle, and index fingers. According to Laurie Rogers, hand therapist at National Rehabilitation Hospital, “You’d lose fifty percent of your hand strength, easily.” if you lose your pinkie.  

Our body position affects our memories:

Researchers have shown that our sitting position can bring negative or positive memories. When we are sitting and looking downward, it will make it easier to recall negative memories whereas when we are sitting and looking upward, it will make it easier to recall positive memories.

New skeletons in 10 years:

Our skeletal system’s cells are constantly regenerating. On average, bones that we have right now will have completely regenerated in ten years time. But as the regeneration takes longer when we grow old, the process starts to slow down making bones thinner.

Roughly 2kg of our body weight is bacteria:

Bacteria inhabit in most part of the human body, living on our skin, gut, and up to the nose. They sometimes may cause sickness but most of the times, these microorganisms are good and live in harmony with human hosts helping for human survival.

Taller in the morning:

The human body is about 1 cm shorter when we got to bed at night because the cartilage in our bones compresses during the day. As we relax in our sleep, it helps to ease the pressure on our spinal disks which allows us to return to our full height.

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