Interesting facts & records about the 2014 Brazil World Cup | FIFA World Cup

Interesting facts & records about the 2014 Brazil World Cup | FIFA World Cup

  1. This Will Be The First World Cup Ever With Goal-Line Technology.
  2. It’s The 2nd Time Brazil Will host A World Cup.
  3. Brazil Is The 5th Country To Host A World Cup For The 2nd Time.
  4. It Took 36 Years Before South America Will Host A World Cup Again.
  5. Argentina And Colombia Also Showed Interest In Hosting The 2014 World Cup.
  6. 17 Cities Showed Interest In Being A 2014 World Cup Host City.
  7. For The First Time 2 Consecutive World Cups Are Not Hosted In Europe.
  8. The 2014 World Cup Official TV Opening Is An Animation Video.
  9. Brazil Will Use Drones and US Robots During The World Cup.
  10. 2014 World Cup Is The Most Expensive World Cup Ever.
  11. FIFA Scraps 2014 World Cup Speeches To Avoid Protests.
  12. A Paraplegic Teenager Will Take The First 2014 World Cup Kick.
  13. Referees Are Allowed To Stop Matches 2/3 Times Due To Weather Conditions.
  14. The Official 2014 World Cup Music Album Includes 17 Songs
  15. France Demanded 2 Types Of Soaps In Each Hotel Room
  16. Germany Built Their Own World Cup Hotel And Training Camp
  17. The FIFA World Cup Trophy Embarked On A 267 Day Journey
  18. FIFA Received A Record Number Of Volunteer Applications
  19. Brazil Is ‘The Most Expensive Team’ In The 2014 World Cup
  20. Lionel Messi Is ‘The Most Expensive Player’ In The 2014 World Cup
  21. 2014 World Cup Champion Will Win 35 Million US Dollars
  22. Vanishing Spray Will Be Used To Provide A Temporary Visual Marker
  23. FIFA Will Ban Players From Showing Messages Under Football Shirts
  24. Fabio Capello Is The Highest Paid 2014 World Cup Coach
  25. 3 World Cup Qualifiers Will Have To Travel More Than 14,000 km In The World Cup
  26. Bosnia And Herzegovina Is The Only Country To Have Qualified For The First Time
  27. Germany played Their 100th World Cup Match When Playing Portugal
  28. Ronaldo Lose His Record of 15 World Cup Goals
  29. Honduras And Bosnia And Herzegovina Are The Only Countries Which Have Never Won A World Cup Match
  30. No Scandinavian Country Will Participate In World Cup Brazil
  31. 2014 World Cup Will be Watched on Multiple Devices
  32. FIFA Fan Fest Will Be Back For The 2014 World Cup
  33. Most of 32 Teams Have Picked Their Camps Near São Paulo And Rio De Janeiro
  34. The World Cup Will Be Broadcast Over The Whole World
  35. 25 Referees Will Officiate The 2014 World Cup
  36. FIFA Has International And National Sponsors and Supporters
  37. 751 Million people worldwide watched the 2006 World Cup final between Italy and France at the Olympiastadion in Berlin. The 2010 FIFA World Cup final between Spain and The Netherlands at Soccer City in Johannesburg attracted nearly a billion viewers.
  38. Argentina are 26 wins, 1 loss in all World Cup games where they have led at half-time.
  39. England has been eliminated at the opening group stage of a World Cup for the first time since 1958.
  40. Wayne Rooney has scored his first World Cup goal for England ending a run of 759 minutes.
  41. Miroslav Klose became the highest scoring footballer at World Cup Finals of all time. His goal took him to 16 overall
  42. Tony Kroos scored two goals in just 69 seconds – the fastest the same player has ever scored twice in a World Cup finals match.( Brazil vs Germany )
  43. Semifinal Between Brazil vs Germany become the most tweeted about single sporting event of all time With 35.6 million Tweets.
  44. The 7-1 scoreline is the largest ever margin of victory in a FIFA World Cup semi-final. It just edges out Uruguay’s 1930 6-1 win over Yugoslavia in the very first World Cup and Germany’s 6-1 win over Austria in 1954.

Historical Fact & Data on FIFA World cup From ( 1934- 2014 )

  1. The World Cup was not played in 1942 and 1946 because of the Second World War.
  2. The first goal in the World Cup history was scored by Lucien Laurent of France on July 13, 1930.
  3. The first hat-trick was scored by an American Bert Patenaude during the 1930 World Cup.
  4. The first television coverage of World Cup happened in 1954.
  5. The 19 world cups are divided within South America and European countries. No other continent has produced a world champion.
  6. The 19 World Cup tournaments have been won by only eight different nations: Brazil, Italy, West Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, England, France and Spain.
  7. Brazil holds the record for most World Cup titles, with five. Italy has won four. West Germany has won three. Argentina and Uruguay has won two titles each. England, France and Spain has won one each.
  8. Brazil is the only country to have appeared in every World Cup tournament since 1930 until 2014.
  9. Two World Cup finals have been decided on penalties. Brazil beat Italy in 1994, and Italy beat France in 2006.
  10. Ernie Brandts of Netherlands scored for both teams in the same match ( Netherlands, vs Italy, 1978 – own goal in the 18th minute, goal in the 50th minute).
  11. India withdrew from the 1950 World Cup. They did it because of FIFA regulations that players had to wear football boots and would not be allowed to play barefoot.
  12. The Cricket legend, Sir Viv Richards is the only person to have played both World Cup Football and World Cup Cricket. He played football for Antigua in 1974 World cup qualifiers.
  13. Brazilian superstar Pelé is the only player to have won three World Cup winners’ medals (1958, 1962, and 1970, although he did not play in the 1962 final due to injury). On 19 June 1958 Pelé became the youngest player to play in a World Cup final match at 17 years and 249 days. He scored two goals in the final as Brazil beat Sweden 5–2.
  14. Argentina knocked England out of the 1986 World Cup with two famous goals in the same quarter-final match by captain Diego Maradona. One was the “Hand of God” and another was voted “Goal of the Century”. Later on Argentina also won the final beating West Germany 3-2.
  15. In 1986, FIFA prohibited shirt swapping because they did not want players to “bare their chests” on the field.
  16. Oliver Kahn of Germany is the only Goalkeeper in the history of FIFA to have won the Golden Ball (Best Player) trophy in 2002 World Cup.
  17. The World Cup Trophy was stolen in 1966 prior to the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England. The trophy was later found by a dog named ‘Pickles’. The trophy was once again stolen in 1983 and has not been recovered till date. The current trophy is a replica of the original one.
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