List of Libraries Inside Kathmandu Valley With Contact Details

List of Libraries Inside Kathmandu Valley

A book is a source of knowledge that leads people to their destination, indeed a book is ones friend. We can not imagine our world without the book; it’s like a world with no lights. And there is a saying “A book is a dream you hold in your hands”.Its good to keep yourself busy with books around you, and there are so many places where wecan pour our time in readings. Yes I am talking about libraries; here are some lists of libraries which will help you to engage in knowledgeable world.

  • Kathmandu Valley Public Library

The Society started the public library in a limited way both in respect of housing the readership and providing public services at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu from 9 July 2005. The library will play a vital role in promoting Nepal as a modernized and developed country citizen by providing access to information for all.

Contact:Society for Kathmandu Valley Public Library
Library Building No. 34, Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No.:  4229756

  • Kaiser Library

The Kaiser library is situated in the Kaiser Mahal; Kaiser Shumshere who was the lord saheb in-charge of the Nepalese army was interested in buying and collecting different types of books and newspapers brought with him many books to Kathmandu. Even though the books in his library grew in number they were his personal property and ordinary people didn’t get chance to read them or to have an access to his library. And beforehis death he wished to hand over his library to the government, thereby making it a national property so that everybody could get the benefit out of it.

Contact: Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone N0: 01-4411318

  • British Council Nepal

The learning centre is a study centre which provides a variety of services and resources for learners and teachers of English. They will become a premier centre for professional development and artistic expression in Nepal by turning the British Council venue in Kathmandu into a premier centre for professional development and cultural convention space in Nepal.

Contact: British Council Nepal

Phone N0. : 01- 4410798

  • Nepal Bharat Library

Nepal Bharat Library was established in 1956 and is currently located at Nepal airlines Corporation Building, New Road. Nepal Bharat library has more than 62,000 books, which include a substantial collection on Indian History, Economy, Politics, Literature, Culture, Society, Science & Technology, Medicine, Engineering, Mass Communication, Entertainment, International Relations and other subjects.

Contact: Embassy of India

Kapurdhara Marg, Lainchaur

Phone No. 01-4410900, 4414990, 4411699

  • Rotary AWON Library

AWON stands for active women of Nepal; this library is located at the opposite of Hotel Himalaya. It has been around for close to 42 years and depends mainly on public donations of books and other publications. The AWON library dedicates its first level to non-fiction and magazine publications, while the third level is mainly fiction. By applying for membership, you can check out up to five books for three weeks. There is also a little corner for children’s books.

Contact: Rotary AWON Library

Thapathali, Kathmandu

Phone No.: 01-4100540

  • American Library

Visitors of the American Library may take advantage of the books, reference materials, magazines, videos, and information services available in the library. Visitors may also use the library’s computers to access our extensive collection of online databases or other Internet resources.

Contact: Embassy of the United States of America
Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone No.: 01-4234000


  •  Nepal National Library

The Nepal National Library was established by His Majesty’s Government in January 1957 (Poush 2013 BS) National Library produced an impressive series of publications, making ancient handwritten texts available in printed form.

Contact: Pulchowk in Lalitpur district.

The library is housed at the first floor of Harihar Bhawan

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