List Of Theaters In Nepal | With Contact Details

Theaters are the liveliest entertainment ever; the charm of theater always pulls people towards it. Have you ever been on theater watching the dramatic performances?? If not then, you have to experience it after all the time and money worth watching theater drama. There are a group of people who are fund of performances shown on stages, and now there are several of theaters located around where we can have a nice time. The theater drama always shows hardworking of the performers which makes one to felt it from inside. Focusing on every generation these theater release the date of their performance. Here are the lists of the theater, where you can hang out and have some really fun time.

  1. Mandala Theater Nepal

With some really dedicated theater workers Mandala has position itself in the heart of the drama lovers. The young and enthusiastic group of Mandala has given many hits to the audience. Mandala have devoted themselves in exploring, popularizing and preserving the varieties of traditional and indigenous theatrical forms of our society, and they look ahead to work even more actively in the days ahead.

Contact Information:

Anamnagar (Infornt of Singhadurbar East Gate)

Phone No.: +977-01-4249761

  1. Sarwanam Theater  

Sarwanam a pioneer organization of street theater in Nepal has established itself among the many leading theater. Sarwanam’splay targets the political system with artists depicting the grave realities of the political upheaval in the country. Sarwanam has performed popular proscenium plays all over Nepal and abroad like- U.S.A, Canada, Japan, China, Australia and most South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It regularly invites foreign theater groups to perform in Nepal

Contact Information:

Kalikasthan, Kathmandu

Phone No.: 977-01-4011207

  1. Aarohan Theater Group

In the mass of several theaters, Aarohan theater group is also one of the leading groups. Aarohan has also adapted foreign plays to Nepali context. They believe that an indigenous theater movement is both an alternative to a globalized consumer-oriented mass-media and a tool for empowering communities and individuals rendered marginal in modern Nepal.

Contact Information:

Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Phone No.: 977-01-4466956, 2101332

  1. Shilpee Theater

Shilpee Theater aims to draw raw stories in the theater laboratory from the society, polish it and send it back to the society as the delicious theatrical dish. They want to establish theater as a respectable profession and foster the theater going culture in the Nepalese society. Shilpee performs the street drama to inform and educate people; they believe this way people can understand quickly.

Contact Information:

Battisputali, Kathmandu

Phone No.: 977-01-4469621

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