Making A Fun Summer by Making Some Really Cool Scrapbook

Making a fun summer

Show your creativity this summer, by making some really cool scrapbook. We can capture some fun pictures and make it fresh for long periods. Its summer after all, take out your energy and make it inspiring. You will be proud of yourself at the end, when you are done with your scrap book full of summer things you have enjoyed.

Steps to prepare your summer scrap books

  1. For the fun scrap book, you will need a hard cover based note book with plain papers inside. Starting with hard cover, you can give your own touch. Bringing some colorful paints, glue, glitters and decorative papers cutting, you can decorate your cover of scrap book. Give your touch so that it identifies you.
  2. Entering to the first page, you can pen down your thoughts or some quotes that inspires you. Just give your introduction. You can make this page more fun through some of your memorable pictures. It just depends on you.
  3. Start collecting your summer photographs; capture your family and friends. While making a scrap book you will need a camera so that you can take as many photographs as you can.
  4. The fun part of making a scrap book, you will be busy for yourself and you can view everything with new prospective and ideas.
  5. For fun you can take photos of local people, random friends, and new friends. You can collect your restaurant bill, ticket of places you have visited or movies you have watched.
  6. After collecting all these photographs, give it a date and place where you have taken it. Stitch your bills and make it a picture frame to introduce what had happen at that time, if possible include people around you.
  7. You can make it however you like it to be.
  8. At end you are going to be happy. Looking at your scrap book.

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