Mesmerizing Beautiful Natural Places Around The Globe

Nature is full of wonders. It is so beautiful that can enchant anyone. There are many places where nature has done its magic making those places unique and mesmerizing. Here are few of those places where nature has done its wonders:

Glowing Sea of Stars:

As the name suggests, the sea located in Vaadhoo Island of Maldives glows with an uncanny blue light when the waves crash on the beach making the see look like it if full of shining stars. It is caused because of the Lingulodinium Polyedrum that comes from billions of micro-organisms. Lingulodinium Polyedrum is a unique ability to generate light. The stress caused by the sea makes those organisms to emit light as their defense mechanism.

Northern Lights:

It is also called Aurora Borealis. It is a phenomenon where you see different shades of light floating in the sky making it look like a river of light in the sky. This effect is caused in upper hemisphere when the rays of the sun interact with atoms in those regions. It is only visible in dark. It can be seen in countries like Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, and Alaska.

Salar de Uyuni:

It is a salt flat located in Daniel Campos Province of southwest Bolivia covering 10,582 sq. km. The thin layer of water in this flat surface acts like a big natural mirror which reflects the beautify of the sky creating a mesmerizing view.

Spencer Lake:

It is a pink colored lake that is located in Australia. In the first look, it may seem artificial but the lake gets its pink color from a natural chemical produced by algae in the lake.


Pamukkale is a natural sight located in Turkey. Pamukkale is a Turkish word which means cotton castle and it surely looks like one. It is formed when the water beneath is heated by volcanic lava which causes the water to saturate with calcium before coming to the surface. When the calcium cools, it sticks to the soil which results in calcium waterfall frozen in stone.

Marble Caves:

It is located in Chile Chico in the Aysen region of Chile. Marble Caves is a natural treasure as it is sculpted by the General Carrera Lake in the heart of Patagonia over thousands of years. The cave is a result of waves constantly lapping against calcium carbonate resulting to smooth the stone. The cave glows a range of colors depending on the level of water. IT may be blue, white, grey or pink.

Rainbow Mountains:

It is a geological wonder which looks like the color of the rainbow are painted over the mountains. IT is caused by different colored sandstones and minerals that have been pressed together for 24 million years which is then buckled by tectonic plates. They are a part of Zhangya Danxia Landform Geological Park located in China.

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