Must Watch Popular & Rich YouTube Daily Vloggers

  • RomanAtwoodVlogs
    Roman Atwood is known for his pranks and has his own brand named smile more. He also has his vlogging channel with 12,951,700 subscribers. Roman is the most successful YouTube vlogger this year, passing over 568 million views just this year so far.

  • Logan Paul Vlogs
    This popular vine star has his own vlogging channel on youtube. He has a total subscriber of 8,020,291. He also has his main channel where he post funny videos.
  • CaseyNeistat:
    Casey Neistat, a 32-year-old vlogger with total subscriber of 7,507,271. He’s done filmmaking, public speaking, advertising, and was even the head of Beme, a social based video sharing website.Casey’s vlogs have been an inspiration to many of us because of his unique editing style and use of technology.

  • PointlessBlog Vlogs
    Alfie deyes has three channels a main channel named pointlessblog, vlogging channel named PointlessBlog Vlogs and one gaming channel. He is a daily vlogger. Recently his vlogs are getting more views and he is a positive, kind hearted person. It’s fun to watch his vlogs. He is near 4 million subscribers with a total subscribers of 3,992,270.
  • Mo Vlogs
    A dubai vlogger who started his channel on 2014. And within this short time he already has gained a total subscriber of 3,734,927.

  • ThatcherJoeVlogs
    Joe sugg a british youtuber and a brother of Zoe Sugg  has a total subscriber of 3,585,286 in his vlogging channel. People love to watch his vlogs. Even though he vlogs daily he doesn’t like to call himself a daily vlogger. He also has his main channel video with more than 7 million subscribers.

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