New Year Resolutions 2015

New Year Resolutions

Whenever our year comes to an end and we will be ready to welcome our new year. We all are eager to keep our resolutions hard enough to stand in it, some of them just fade away and some of them make changes at last it’s a beginning of positivity and happiness.

Well, follow your heart and make your resolutions, as new years begin with new resolutions. And if you are tired of thinking resolutions then here are some of the interesting resolution we can pick.

1. Soak up New Skills

Learning something new and interesting is always fun and a value addition too. So if you got some leisure time then grab some knowledgeable books this year

2. Adopt a Pet

The devotion, love and loyalty of a pet can never be matched. Adopting Pet brings the positivity and curing nature inside you. Feel the bliss by giving one a home.

3. Go for a Blind Date

Are you thinking of being a bit fun and adventurous then you can go on a blind date. But take care to consider the risk factors and take adequate precautions.

 4. Quit an Addiction

Addiction will make you suffer a lot; it will not take you anywhere good. Let go to things if it is a burden. This year promise yourself for better givings to your life.

 5.  Contribute for a Cause

Giving back to the society is the least we can do to make the world a better place to live in.

 6. Burn some Calories

Exercise; select a regime you can stick to. Add a group of activity that you can follow everyday strictly.

 7. Be the First one to Say Hi

Always be the first one to greet. This will build up your energy and you will probably be happy. Try this year.

 8. Smile More

Smile is the medition for sorrow so smile more. When you smile, you may appear more inviting, attractive, relaxed and sincere to others. And when you don’t smile, the impression you give may be the opposite

 9. Don’t commit to things you can’t do.

Don’t make a promise if you can’t fulfill it. This year try to be a person whose word means something.

 10. Spend more time with family and friends

Plan time with your family and friends; be supportive and nice to everyone. Giving time makes you responsible.

11. Lose the Loan

Pay off any debt you may have and feel light at heart.

12. Fit in Fitness

Try to learn some yoga this year, you can select a group of activity and add the element of fun to the routine. Quit smoking and drinking, adopt some healthy routine.

13. Realistic Resolutions

Instead of weaving dreams in the air, make a resolution that would have significance in and add a meaning to your life.

On the top of all enjoy your Life.

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