Most Popular Nepali Youtubers

Youtube has became a platform for every talented people. They just doesn’t showcase their talents but as well earn money through youtube. Some of the famous youtubers that we nepali people love are:

  1. Promise Tamang Phan
    This nepali woman has more than 4 million subscribers on her channel named dope2111 and on another more than a million subscribers. She is a very talented makeup artist. She transforms herself into different characters with her most amazing makeup skills. I wish I can do that. Her work is loved and appreciated by many viewers.
  2. Aayush Rimal
    I am sure many of you know him. He is popular for his funny videos. He has a total subscriber of more than 90 thousands. Many nepali youngsters enjoy his video. His channel is best for the good laughs. His ‘Talk with nepali models’ videos are the most popular ones. Be sure to check his channel.
  3. James Shrestha
    James Shrestha is a UK based singer as well as a youtuber. He has a total subscriber of more than 85 thousands. He is mostly popular for his reaction and roasting videos. He makes a funny videos that will surely make you laugh. Be sure to check his channel as well.
  4. Sabin Karki – Beest Official
    This guy has two channels who is a young growing sensation for youngsters. He is popular for making entertaining videos. He is a great dancer and a ex member of a famous Cartoonz Crew. He makes a videos that are relatable in our real lives. One will surely laugh by looking at his videos. Be sure to subscribe him.
  5. ThatDudeVlogs
    This youtube star has a subscriber of more than 1 lakh. Dhiraj Rai is a UK based youtuber and soon to be actor. He is a fan of a korean bands and does mostly videos based on that. He is also popular for his different reaction videos.

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