Pretty Little Things for Room Decoration

A room can be decorated in various ways, but these are one of the simplest, fastest cheapest, ways of enhancing your room or office with in a limited budget and time. We’ve got the effortless ways to change the looks of your room.

Floor cushions

If you want to make a more formal living room than add few floor pillows. Floor pillow makes guests and family members feel at home and comfortable and removes the vibes of “look but don’t touch”. Add few floor cushions on your living room to create extra seating when you have a bunch of people over to watch a movie or a sports game. In winter, use it to stay toasty by the fire, and in summer, move it toward an open window to enjoy some fresh air.

Twinkle lights along with photos

Twinkle lights with photos has become a growing trend for decorating room. The twinkle lights are a great object for photography because it actually enhances the quality of photos by providing extra light while giving off a cool and creative effect. It gives an amazing looks to you room with the twinkle lights along with photos.

Personalize your cushion/pillow

The easiest way to change the vibe and looks of your room is by the colorful pillow. The colorful and personalize pillow/cushion will brighten up your room. You can personalize your pillow/cushion in any shape own throw pillow design with photos and text.



Vase with real flowers will spread the fragrance and create a refreshing environment in the room. You can diy to empty bottles to create decorative objects. Glass decorative items like vases, glasses, eye-catching and unusual bottles, will brighten your room.

Flower arrangement in pastel

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