Rafting & Kayaking In Nepal; Appropriate Seasons

If you are a adventure seeker then Rafting & Kayaking would be in your top list. Specially in summer season rafting could be a boon to your adventure as majority would love to play with such a fresh river water.

Nepal consists of many rivers as Trishuli River, Bhote Koshi River, Sun Koshi River, Tamur River, Seti Khola, Marshyangdi River, Kali Gandaki River, Karnali River, Arun River etc, where you can explore broadly. This article can help you to find out the right destination for rafting and kayaking in Nepal as I have presented brief description about all the available rafting and kayaking destination.



Trishuli River: The classic river

For  the first time paddlers, a rafting trip on the Trishuli is an experience not to be missed. Trishuli River is located on the way between Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan National Park. It’s camp/resort is located at Charaundi by the bank of Trisuli River (main rafting/kayaking starting point of classic Trisuli river). Charaundi is 82. km from Kathmandu, 120 km. from Pokhara and 80 km. from Chitwan National park.


Bhote Koshi River: The harmony of Tibet and the Himalayas

Bhote Koshi is the best destination for releasing your thirst for rafting and kayaking. The main put in point for Bhote Kosi River is 4 hour drive North-East of Kathmandu. Transportation to Baseri will be by private transport. The 25 km. of river action takes two days. The road journey from the ‘Dam’ – take out point is approx. 3 hours to Kathmandu.

SeasonGradingWater Volume
September – December5-Approx.100 – 50 cumecs
January – May4+Approx. 40 cumecs
June – AugustLower section only 4+Approx 180 cumecs

Sun Koshi River: The river of gold

The another favourable place for rafting and kayaking is Sun Koshi River. Dumja, instead of Dolalghat, new put-in point for Sun Kosi River Rafting/Kayaking trip, is about 3 hour drive east of Kathmandu. Concerned company provides private transport to the put-in point of Sun Kosi river trip. The 235 km. of river action can take either 7 or 9 days, it depends on the season.

SeasonGradingWater Volume
September – December5Approx.475 cumecs
January – May5-Approx.100 cumecs
June – AugustNot runableApprox 1200 cumecs

Marshyangdi River: The ranging river

Marshyangdi river describes one of the best whitewater runs in the world. The scenery is magnificent with every bend of the river opening up fresh vistas of some of the world’s highest mountains. Nagdi or Bhulbhule, the put in points for Marsyandi River Rafting/Kayaking is 5 to 6 hours drive by bus west of Kathmandu to the river side. If you start from Nagdi than Porters transport all the rafting equipment and other necessities for the river trip and you’ll have around 2 hour trek. Transportation from Pokhara can also be arranged. The 35 km of river action takes 2 days . Bus transportation is provided from the take-out point of Marsyandi river trip at Bimalnagar to either Kathmandu (5 hours) or Pokhara (2.5 hours).

SeasonGradingWater Volume
September – December5-Approx. 225 cumecs
January – May4+Approx. 100 cumecs
June – AugustNot RunApprox. 450 cumecs

Tamur River: The best of the east

Tamur river is the beautiful place for glorifying your adventure field. it is The journey to the put-in point for the rafting on Tamur River involves a 18 hour road journey by private minibus to Basantpur, followed by a 4 day trek to Dovan (put in point for Tamur river rafting/kayaking). The 135 km river action takes 5 to 6 days. The return journey from Chatara (the take-out point of Tamur river trip), is 16 hours to Kathmandu. It is also possible to arrange a flight from Biratnagar (1 hour road journey from Chatara) to Kathmandu in additional cost.

SeasonGradingWater Volume
September – December5-Approx.350 cumecs
January – May4+Approx.150 cumecs
June – AugustNot runableApprox 750 cumecs

Seti River: Warm and beautiful

The name itself reflects the warmth and beauty of the river hence you can have full on fun in seti river. Seti can be reached from Damouli roughly 160 kilometers west of Kathmandu. The 35 km of river action take 2 days. The take-out point of Seti river trip is at Gaighat and it is approximately 4 – 5 hours drive from both Kathmandu and Pokhara.

SeasonGradingWater Volume
September – December3+Approx.50 cumecs
January – May3+Approx. 20 cumecs
June – August4+Approx 100 cumecs

Karnali River: The wild west

Karnali river is the longest river in Nepal and a fine destination for enjoying rafting and kayaking. From Kathmandu to Kalyandada via Birendranagar involves a 22 hour bus journey. (Or a one hour flight to Birandranagar, on additional cost, then a 2 hour bus journey). From Kalyandada there is a 2 to 3 hour trek to Kareleghat, the put-in point for rafting on Karnali river. The 180km river action takes between 6 to 7 days. Bus transportation is provided from the take-out point of Karnali river rafting at Chisapani to either Pokhara (10 hours) or Kathmandu (16 hours).

SeasonGradingWater Volume
September – December5Approx.550 cumecs
January – May5-Approx. 300 cumecs
June – AugustNot runableApprox. 1350 cumecs

Kali Gandaki River: River of god

Kali gandaki is a popular river for short rafting destination with a combination or exciting scenery. Newbridge, (Kusma) the put in point for rafting on Kali Gandaki river is just 3 hours from Pokhara. The 55km of Kali Gandaki river action takes 3 days. The return trip from the ‘Dam’ take out point of Kali Gandaki river trip to Pokhara is about four and half hour drive.

SeasonGradingWater Volume
September – December4+Approx. 550 cumecs
January – May4+Approx. 200 cumecs
June – AugustHigh riskApprox. 1000 cumecs


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