Time management tips | Creative Ideas to Manage Time Effectively


There are numerous hacks and tricks to manage time effectively . These are some tips that I find helpful  but everyone is different .

Here are some of the tips that  helps to manage time effectively .

  1. Complete most important tasks first

This is the golden rule of time management .Each day , identify the two or three tasks that are most crucial to complete , and do those first . Once you’re done , the day has already been a success.  You can move on  to other things, or you can let them wait until tomorrow .

  1. Use an organizer

The organizer helps you to be on top of everything in your life . It’s your central tool to organize information  , to-do  lists , projects, and other miscellaneous items .

  1. Target to be early

When you target to be on time , you’ll either be on time or late . Most of times you’ll be late. However, if you target to be early, you’ll most likely to  be on time.  For appointments, strive to be on early . For your deadlines submit them earlier than required .

  1. Delegate

If there are things that can be better done by others or things that are not so important , considering delegating . This takes a load off and you can focus on the important tasks .

  1. Take a break

Clear your mind and refresh yourself to refocus . Break provide incentive by giving you something to look forward to having .

  1. Sleep for 7-8 hours every night

Proper amount  sleep will keep you alert and energetic , able to think clearly , and function at a high level .

  1. Leave time for fun

While there are times when we just need to power  through a large project , it’s important to

give yourself to let loose.Not only it will refresh your mind, it’s good for your body too. It doesn’t

have to be a lot you do .

  1. Lock yourself in

No distraction, no excuses. Sometimes, the only way  I’m going something done is as if I’m under   lock and key,  alone in a room . If you’re  like me , realize  it , and act accordingly .

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