Top 20 YouTubers in the world

  • Pewdiepie

Felix Kjellberg better known as Pewdiepie is the most followed YouTube channel. His YouTube channel PewDiePie has 78 million subscribers and he is equally as followed in other social media sites such Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. His videos include Let’s Play videos and commentary videos addressing various topics. The Swedish gamer is one of the richest YouTube millionaires earning a reported $12 million each year.

  • Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect was launched in 2009 by Coby, Cory, Garrett, Cody, and Taylor. The channel has 37 million subscribers and uploaded mainly trick shots and stunts on YouTube. This channel rose to fame when they caught the attention of professional athletes and sports organizations, which turned into a string of world records, endorsements, multiple apps, a published book, and a TV show.


Whindersson Nunes Batista is a Brazilian comedian and singer who usually upload parodies, vlogs, and songwriting in her channel. Batista has gained a remarkable subscriber count of 33 million.


Elrubiusomg was launched by a Spanish social media star Ruben Doblas Gundersen. He has gained 33 million subscribers. His contents include gaming and sketch comedy videos. The elrubiusOMG’s writing accomplishments include a comic book series and a best-selling book of interactive challenges.


The JuegaGerman channel was launched by the German Garmendia. He first started on YouTube in 2013 with his now inactive HolaSoyGerman channel. He creates hilarious skits of all types on his channel and has been able to gain 31 million subscribers.


Fernanfloo is a popular gaming channel started by Luis Alvarado in 2011. He has gained 31 million subscribers and has also transferred his gaming passion onto other mediums.


Felipe Neto was started by Felipe Vieira and has 28 million subscribers. He specializes in reaction videos focused on internet memes and popular events and also publishes vlogs and challenges.

  • VEGETTA777

Samuel de Luque joined YouTube in 2008 and his channel VEGETTA777 produces some of the web’s best Minecraft Let’s Play videos. He boasts nearly 25 million subscribers.


The VanossGaming channel was launched by the Canadian gamer in 2011. His channel is famous for his Let’s Play gaming videos. Apart from that, he also stars in the animated YouTube Red Series, The Paranormal Action Squad and is known for adapting the Let’s Play format to create compilation videos that cut together funny gaming moments. He has around 24 million subscribers in YouTube.


This channel was created by Andrew Hecox and Daniel Padilla in 2005. The channel turned network now includes several actors and three secondary YouTube channels: Smosh Pit, Smosh Games, and Shut Up! Cartoons. Apart from this, multiple mobile apps and a full-length film, Smosh: The Movie, round out the channel’s many accomplishments. They boast a subscriber count of 24 million.

  • YUYA

Mariand Castrejon Castaneda is the creator behind the channel Yuya. Her channel has 23 million subscribers which is higher than any other female YouTuber. She creates fashion and beauty videos.


The Markiplier YouTube channel was created by Mark Fischbach in 2012 and rests steadily in the gaming niche. He also publishes comedic sketches and animated parodies and regularly leverages his internet fame to fund charitable causes through GoFundMe campaigns and merchandise sales. He has a subscriber count of 23 million subscribers.


The nigahiga channel was started by the Asian-American creator Ryan Higa. Ryan Higa published his first “How to be” comedy video in 2007 which was a hilarious skit teaching viewers how to be a ninja. He creates comedic skits for his 21 million subscribers.


Jacksepticeye was launched by the Irish YouTuber Sean McLoughlin. This renowned gaming channel gives enthusiastic and humorous commentary on any games. He has a devoted audience of 21 million. Vlogs are also a cornerstone of his ever-evolving channel.


DanTDM was created by Dan Middleton who is an English creator with 14 billion video views. He is best known for his Let’s Play Minecraft videos. Middleton has also moved into the lifestyle niche and frequently posts challenges and vlogs.


The YouTube channel Ninja was launched by Tyler Blevins is the Twitch’s third most followed channel with over 12 million followers. Blevins is one of the most well-known professional livestreamer with a crop of brand deals through his success playing Fortnite. He boasts a subscriber count of 20 million subscribers.

  • KSI

Olajide Olatunji is a YouTube personality, actor, and comedian behind the successful YouTube channel KSI. He has a subscriber count of 20 million subscribers. He got his start on the platform making gaming videos but has expanded to include challenges, reaction videos, and humorous skits.

  • Shane Dawson

Shane Lee Yaw is the American YouTuber behind this channel. As one of the first creators to gain a stronghold on YouTube, he has continued to maintain a strong presence with 19 million subscribers. His videos are of the investigative documentaries inspecting the lives of other top YouTube stars.


Jenna Mourey is the comedic mind behind this channel. She started her JennaMarbles comedy channel in 2010 with a video featuring her dog Marbles. She posts skits, parodies, and commentary videos for her 19 million subscribers.


Logan Paul started his vlogging channel in 2015 and has accumulated 19 million subscribers. Paul posts videos with funny and humorous content.

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