Top 5 Places to Eat Pizza in Nepal

Pizzahood is located at Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur near Hasapota Ganesh Mandir. This Place only serves pizza. It has a wood fire pizza. And the prices for pizza is so amazing. This place serves 2 size pizza 9 inch and 12 inch. Free your time and visit this amazing delicious pizza serving place.

Pepe Pizza:
Pepe Pizza is located at Bhatbhateni, Maharajgunj. This Place serves the most delicious pizza. And the price is cheap as well. Everyone must visit this place once. They serve the most delicious french fries as well. This is a dream place for every pizza lovers.

RoadHouse Cafe:

RoadHouse is located almost everywhere. Roadhouse is popular for its  signature wood-fired pizzas. They serve the delicious pizza.

Pokhreli Pizza:

Pokhreli Pizza is located at Dhumbarahi Kathmandu. This place is known for its delicious Firewood pizza. Personally I haven’t visited this place but I have heard amazing things about this place from friends and family.

The Crust Pizza and Bread:

THE CRUST PIZZA & BREAD, is a local hangout on Mid-baneshwor. They don’t only serve the delicious pizza but their overall dishes are amazing. They have a stick momo which is very delicious. It is a must visit place.





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