Top 5 Richest People of Nepalese Origin | Richest Nepalese

Nepal is a small country with GPP $19 billions. Goverenment here is poor not the people.People here are hard working.With lots of effort and struggle they reach the success.Some of the popular personality of Nepalese origin are:


1.Binod Chaudhary


Binod Chaudhary the first billionaire estimates the net worth over $1 billion.He is the CEO of CG group of Nepal.He runs a blog to share his experience and has also publish his autobiography.

2.Upendra Mahato


Upendra Mahato is another businessman is in Russia estimates the net worth between $250 million to $1 billion.He has invested in sectors like heavy machinery,real estate and also in Ncell and Sanima bank of Nepal.He also awns a famous TV  factory in Russia.

3.Shesh Ghale and Jamuna Gurung

Jamuna-Gurung-and-Shesh-Ghale-Richest-Nepali-Austraila (1)

Shesh Ghale and Jamuna Gurung are two duos from Lamjung Nepal. They are CEO and MD of famous Melbourne institute of technology located at Melbourne Australia. Shesh Ghale is ranked 166th richest people of Australia and Jamuna 11th richest women of Australia.The total net over is $265million.

4.Aditya Jha


Aditya Jha is Canadian Software Engineer with Nepali origin estimating net worth over $100 million.He runs software company in Canada.He is also involved in one laptop and one child project in Nepal.

5.Balaram Chainrain


Balaram Chainrain is Hongkong based businessman.He is the former owner of Portsmouth football club.He mainly works with electronics and realm estate sections.His net worth is near $160 million dollar.

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