TU Affiliated BBA Colleges in Kathmandu

The BBA is a four year bachelor degree program in management. The BBA program is divided into 8 semester covering 120 credit hours. Students get to choose their specialization in the seventh and eighth semester. Specializations are offered in Management Information System, Travel and Tourism Management, Banking and Finance, Industrial Management and Marketing Management.

The BBA program is specially designed to help students to take up middle level managerial positions right after their graduation. For this reason, the students are required to do various project works, assignments and presentations throughout the course and an internship in their 8th semester.

BBA is an academic programme that offers job-oriented curriculum, which is an integration of varios disciplines from the social sciences, mathematics, management and information technology.The degree offers both practical management education and enough breadth in complementary academic subjects to prepare students to function effectivelyt in complex organiztions, small to medium enterprises or the public.
Some of the Tribhuvan University affiliated Colleges offering BBA Course are:

  1. Kathford International College Of Engineering And Management
  2. Padma Kanya  Multiple Campus
  3. Kathmandu Model College
  4. Modern Nepal College
  5. Peoples Campus
  6. DAV College
  7. Everest College
  8. Campion College
  9. Shanker Dev College
  10. Orient College Of Science And Management
  11. Sagarmatha  College For Higher Studies
  12. College Of Applied Bussiness(CAB)
  13. Institute Of Management Studies
  14. Universal College
  15. Prime College
  16. KIST College
  17. K&K International Colleges
  18. Janapriya Multiple Campus
  19. Thames International College
  20. Kathmandu Model College
  21. Kantipur College Of Management And Technology
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