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Nepal is a beautiful scenic landscape with an infinity of both natural and cultural heritage. Nepal is rich in tourist   attraction with heterogeneous cultural diversity exists all over the country. Over 100 castes people with various culture, norms and values resides together peacefully with each other in this small piece of heaven land. So we can find unity in diversity among existing people.

Now coming  back to topic that Nepal is a country with number of potentiality to develop it as one best destination for tourism sector where people can visit greenery place  with hundreds of flora and fauna , snowfall , Himalayans range within  short span of holidays.

There are thousands of natural destination to travel and visit in Nepal. Among the destination , this is the list of some place where people can spend their best holidays .

  1. Pokhara

Pokhara, one of the beautiful place of Nepal. It lies at almost 200 km away from capital city of  Nepal (Kathmandu ) and can reach only within 6 hours by bus and 25 minutes by air. it  is perfect place which set  under white peaks of Annapurna range, lakes.  It is Nepal’s biggest tourist center.  So it consist of hundred of hotel with excellent  and quality service like Hotel Barahi, Hotel Orchid, Glacier Hotel and Spa and many more.  It is clean city of Nepal with fresh atmosphere. It is not only pleasing place but also developing as hub for adventurous sports. Visitors can experience paragliding, zip-flyer and many more.

2. Everest Base Camp

It is already acknowledge by all people that Mt. Everest (highest peak of the world )  lies in Nepal . it is not possible for all people to climb top of the world. Everest Base Camp is a gateway to climb Everest . People  can arrive at Everest Base Camp through air up to Lukla and then trek through fascinating rhododendron forest and stone walled local traditional villages, Sherpa Land , Namche and all the way to the village of Phortse Gaon where people can observe magical other peaks of Everest nuptse and many other Himalayans range. it is a destination with challenge and adventure for mentally and physically. On the destination,  there is local hotels , and lodging for servicing tourists and pleased with local food . On the way to Everest Base Camp, local people afford the service of labor to carry trekking bag and other accessories so that tourist can travel their destination comfortably.

3. Lumbini

Lumbini,” birth place of Gautam Buddha “.  It is one of the holy place of all human society. It takes almost 8 hours to reach destination by bus from Kathmandu . It takes only 40minutes by air upto Bhairawa from kathmandu and  30 minutes from Bhairawa. It is granted World Heritage by UNSCO in 1997. As it is pilgrimage site for human people, tourist can find out number of ancient and historical temple. Lumbini is developing as tourist hub . So. Number of hotel and lodge like Hotel Buddha Maya Garden, Hotel Stupa are  launched to provide international  quality service as per requirement. It is a place where people can soak up to atmosphere, meditation and reflection. So, it is one of the finest place for destination to visit in holiday.

4. Khaptad National Park

Khaptad National Park situated at far-western region of Nepal. It consists of rare flora and fauna .  It is composed of four districts – Doti , Bhajura, Dipayal and Bhajyang. Khaptad National Park covered area of 225 with highest altitude of 3212 m. The weather of this region is unpredictable. The clouds from surrounding low lands would cover the area in no time creating foggy environments. The hotels is available in the National Park. There are 22 open patches of patans mix together with the forest inside the park. One can see a lake called Khaptad Daha from north- eastern part of the park.

5. Langtang National Park Trek

Langtang National Park is the first Himalayan national park of Nepal . It is established in 1976 A.D. It is composed of three districts – Nuwakot , Rasuwa and Sindhulpalchowk. Langtang National Park covered area of 1710 sq. km with altitude of 2160 ft. The weather of the park  is dominated by the southwest summer monsoon. Most of days  from December to March , days are  clear and mild but nights near freezing and in other periods, days are warm and sunny and nights are cool.  On the journey of Langtang National Park , visitors can pass through many villages which we can see influence by the Tibetan style. On the trek of the Langtang National Park is , there exists number of hotels and lodge to provide quality  service and guide for further journey.

6. Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park , one of the attraction of tourist was established in 1974 and was granted World Heritage Site in 1984. It covered an area of 932 sq. km and lie in the subtropical Inner Terai lowlands of south-central Nepal .

Chitwan is the place which has high humidity all  through the year. It consists of number of rare animals and birds which make attractive destination of tourism . People can see one horn rhinocerous , crocodile , lions , tiger in same site . In order to huge number of tourist , now native people are encouraged to provide Homestay program to promote village tourism in the area and offering intimate jungle experience.  As it is developing as tourism hub , number of hotels and lodge are established for providing quality service and make this destination one of the best moment of life .

7. Nagarkot

Nagarkot is popular tourist destination of Nepal . It lies at just 32 km away from capital city of Nepal at altitude of 2175 metre . Panorama of the main peak of eastern Nepal Himalayas is centre of attraction for visiting this place. Not only this , visitor can watch the panoramic view of Kathmandu valley . On the journey of Nagarkot , visitor can view number of traditional house and temples which make their journey breezy. As it is centre of attraction for tourist , number of quality hotels are established to provide service to visitors .

8. Ghandruk  

Ghandruk is a town and Village Development Committee in Kaski District in the Gandaki Zone of northern- central Nepal  . It consists of diverse natural scnery , spectacular snow caped mountains, beautiful forest . The village of Gandruk is also famous for its own cultural and tradition that help to increase number of tourists . As the flow of  tourist  increased each year, the local people are encouraged to provide  quality hotel service and boost up economy of that place . From Ghandruk , there are views to the mountains of Annapurna including Machapuchre .

9. Jiri

Jiri is a village development committee in Dolakha District in the Janakpur Zone of north-eastern Nepal. It lies at an altitude of 1,905 metres and it is   trailhead for many treks into the Mount Everest region . It is a hills station which looks like Switzerland . In the winter ,  it is quite beautiful here when the snowfall begins and it seems like the hills is decorated with beautiful white cotton of snow . As road service is constructed in this place , so number of tourist  is interested  to travel this hillstation . So number of  hotels is opened to provide service to tourist .

10. Manang

Manang District , a part of Gandaki Zone , is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal. It is valley situated in the rain shadow  in the north of Annapurna range of Himalayas and trans Himalayan region of Nepal . Manang is one of the part of world famous Annapurna Trekking Route . Most of the people inhabitated in Manang is ghale and gurung who are innocent and hard-working  and are preserving their culture which attract  tourist on their travels . Several  hotels are established in Manang to provide service to visitors .  In the journey of Manang tour , tourist can also see Mukinath (one of the holy pilgrimage for both Hinduism as well as Buddhism ). On only this in  Manang , Gompa and Braga are well worth visiting site .

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