All you wanted to know about KEAM syllabus

KEAM is the Kerala Engineering, Agricultural, Medical Entrance Examination conducted by the Commissioner of Entrance Examinations, Kerala Government for admissions to the various engineering and other graduate courses in the state of Kerala. Admissions are based on the basis of Merit marks obtained in KEAM and marks obtained in class XII or equivalent in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry.

If you are aspiring for KEAM, you must study all the subjects and topics that are prescribed in KEAM 2015 syllabus. The syllabus for KEAM 2015 is as per the class XI and class XII syllabus in general. There are no prescribed text books for KEAM syllabus.

Given below is the syllabus for entrance examinations to the first year engineering degree courses in Kerala.

Unit I-Algebra
Unit II-Trignometry
Unit III-Geometry
Unit IV-Statistics
Unit V-calculus

Unit I-Introduction and measurement
Unit II-Description of motion in one dimension
Unit III-Description of motion in two and three dimensions
Unit IV-laws of motion
Unit V-work, energy, and power
Unit VI-Motion of system of particles and rigid body rotation
Unit VII-Gravitation
Unit VIII-mechanics of solids and fluids
Unit IX-Heat and Thermodyamics
Unit X-Oscillations
Unit XI-Waves
Unit XII-Electrostatics
Unit XIII-current electricity
Unit XIV-Magnetic effect of current and magnetism
Unit XV-Electromagnetic Induction and alternating current
Unit XVI-Electromagnetic Waves
Unit XVII-Optics
Unit XVIII-Dual nature of matter and radiations
Unit XIX-Atomic Nucleus
Unit XX-solids and semi-conductor devices
Unit XXI-Principles of Communications

Unit I-Basic concepts and atomic structures
Unit II-Bonding and molecular structure
Unit III-States of matter
Unit IV-periodic properties of elements and Hydrogen
Unit V-Block elements and principles of mettalurgy
Unit VI-P_Block elements
Unit VII-D-Block and F-Block elements
Unit VIII-Thermodynamics
Unit IX-chemical equilibrium
Unit X–solutions
Unit XII-Redox reactions and electrochemistry
Unit XII-Chemical Kinetics
Unit XIII-Surface Chemistry
Unit XIV-Co-ordination compounds and Organometallics
Unit XV-Basic principles, purification, and characterization of organic compounds
Unit XVI-Hydrocarbons
Unit XVII-Organic Reaction mechanism
Unit XVIII-Stereochemistry
Unit XIX-organic compounds with Functional groups containing Halogens
Unit XX-Organic compounds with functional groups containing Oxygen
Unit XXI-Organic compounds with functional groups containing Nitrogen
Unit XXIII-Polymers and biomolecules
Unit XXIV-Environmental Chemistry and chemistry in everyday life

When preparing for KEAM, make sure you cover each and every topic thoroughly. Do not leave any topic given in KEAM syllabus. Take help of your seniors or teachers or join coaching classes to clear all your doubts. You will have to appear for a written test in KEAM Entrance test paper 1 and test paper 2. Paper will include questions from Physics and Chemistry and Paper 2 will have Mathematics and Biology.

The Duration of each KEAM entrance test paper is 150 minutes. There will be total of 120 questions with total of 480 marks.

Prepare thoroughly if you wish to clear KEAM and get admission in engineering course in good college in Kerala.

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