Ways To Stay Motivated

It’s never easy to motivate yourself, especially after a bad day or when you’re exhausted, stressed, or tired. I am the one who experiences this most of the time I’ve tried tons of different ways to snap myself back into action even if I don’t feel like doing anything at all.

Here are some examples:

1. A Break

Sometimes you do just need to take a break. Taking an afternoon, evening, or even a whole day off won’t kill you and won’t cause your business to end or your work out regimen to get off track forever. We’re all human and we all need a break sometimes just remember that the break should not be too long.

2. Exercise

 Exercise is a great way to improve your mood and get motivated when you just aren’t feeling it. Plus, exercising doesn’t take too much brainpower so it can be a great break from some of the brain-power-sucking activities in your day.

3. Organize Surroundings

Sometimes my desk and work area get so messy that I just can’t focus anymore, so I need to sort through my stuff, throw away the trash, and get re-organized so I can resume my work. your creativity just can’t flow when your workspace is a mess.

4. Compromise

When your to-do list is longer than it can be difficult to want to get started working. But instead of feeling overwhelmed, I compromise with myself, by focusing on one task at a time and when it’s done I give myself a reward, like a 5 minute Facebook break. Breaking up long work sessions with small breaks is a great way to stay motivated.

5. Fake It Till You Make It

Once in awhile when I’m feeling especially lazy and unmotivated, I just fake it. I’ve found that when I decide I’m just going to pretend like I’m motivated, It is crazy how the mind works because one can actually get motivated for real in just a few minutes.

6. Get Dressed

Working from home can make it tempting to stay in your pajamas, or yoga pants, all day. Yesterday I spent all day in my big oversized clothes and today I’m wearing a dress and amazingly feel so much better! Sometimes when I’m not feeling motivated I make myself put on “real clothes” and that gets me going which motivates.

7. Find Inspiration

When you are having a tough time staying motivated, one way to get back on track is to find inspiration to get motivation. it varies from person to person some gets motivation through reading inspirational stories of others who’ve succeeded at what you’re working on, or it might mean reminding yourself of your own past successes. Other times it might mean writing down or repeating an inspirational or motivational quote.

8. Set Goals

Setting specific targets and deadlines will give you something to work toward when you start to feel lazy and unmotivated. Also, my major deadlines only work when I tell someone else about them and they can keep me in check.

9. Remember Your Why

It can be especially hard to stay motivated if you lose sight of your big-picture “why“ keep on a reminding your targets and goals l, like paying off debt, building savings, losing weight, etc near where you work or wake up in the morning so you don’t forget why you are making sacrifices.

10. Have Fun

Finding a way to make your work fun may not sound possible, but it often is. Make it a game and you’ll be more motivated to keep working. I have a friend that challenges himself to write a certain number of words in a specific amount of time. If he succeeds, he gets a cookie. Literally.

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